About Us

Fashion Modeling, Engineering and Science - a Unique and Perhaps Odd Mixture, but That's Our Background.

We at Keelyn Grace have been in the professional modeling business for over 20 years. During that time, and out of necessity, we have tried numerous, often very costly, and very often ineffective, skin care products and brands.

We Were Frustrated and Unsatisfied With The Products on The Market

Our passion is to be the very best that we can be and to look the very best that we can; our livelihoods depend on it . This passion started us on a journey to put together a comprehensive line of skincare products that were both effective and affordable.

Our Passion Moved Us To Seek Out Experts In The Industry

Research and more research. We sought out the advice of makeup artists, other models, actors and beauty industry professionals to introduce a line of skin care products that has been years in the making and which reflects our passion.

anti aging moisturizer

Our Mission Is to Raise the Benchmark of the Performance and Quality of Affordable Skin Care.

We set our minds on providing the most effective and highest quality ingredients to men and women at a reasonable and affordable price.

After years of testing and using the products ourselves, we are proud to present you with the results of our journey - the Keelyn Grace Skin Care Line