Makeup Ingredients You Might Not Know About

We love your look--but what’s in it? Makeup ingredients might not be the first thing on your mind when you purchase some mascara. However, some of the things in that bottle might surprise you. They may even be a little unsafe. Doing research on makeup ingredients can help you find products that align with your standards, ethics, and style.

Lead in Lipstick

You read that correctly. Lead can be found in a wide range of lipstick products. Lead, as we all know, can have harmful effects in multiple systems of the body. Fortunately, lead won’t hurt you simply by touching it. It must be ingested to cause health issues. But, considering how easy it is to get a little bit of lipstick in your mouth, the idea of lead makeup ingredients is an ominous one indeed. While the levels of lead in lipstick probably aren’t enough to seriously hurt you, avoiding putting any lead in your system is the best way to go.

Looking for lead-free lipstick? Do your research, and browse some safe options!

Beetles in your Blush

Carmine is a very common ingredient in blush, lipstick, and some eyeshadows. Carmine is made from cochineal beetles, which are a brilliant shade of garnet red. The beetles are crushed up and used to create that rosy powder so many women adore. While it might give you the heebie-jeebies, carmine has been found to be a lot safer than some synthetic dyes. Despite this, many people against the use of animals for any reason, such as vegans, find these makeup ingredients to be against their ethics and lifestyle.

If you’re against the use of animal products (or if you just don’t want to apply crushed beetles to your face), search for some carmine-free cosmetics.

Tallow in Toner

Tallow is fat derived from animal carcasses. These carcasses come from anywhere you can imagine--cattle, pigs, roadkill, dead lab animals, you name it. Skin, ligaments, tendons, and other parts of the animals are boiled until a fatty substance is extracted. This substance is used in the manufacturing of skin and cosmetic products.

Looking for lard-free makeup? (We are too.) Browse some tallow-free brands!

Paraffin in Primer

Paraffin is a waxy derivative of petroleum. It creates a false sense of moisturization and is extremely cheap to use. (It’s essentially a petroleum waste product.) Due to its skin-coating effect and low cost, it’s in--you guessed it--a whole lot of cosmetics. Paraffin, to put it mildly, is not good for you. If ingested, it can cause any number of issues, from nausea to headaches.

Would you like to purge paraffin from your caboodle? Browse some paraffin-free products!

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