Makeup Tips for Mature Women

It’s time to put your classy on. We’ve gathered up some makeup tips for older women looking to switch up their style a little bit. Whether you’re new to the world of makeup or a seasoned professional, these tips may give you the inspiration you’re looking for!

Before You Begin

Don’t uncap the foundation just yet! Before you start working some makeup magic, make sure you prep your skin. Complete your regular morning skincare routine. Get cleansed, toned, gently moisturized, and patted dry first. (If you need help setting up a proper skincare routine, take a look here for everything you need.) Doing this will make sure you’re not trapping any dirt, toxins, oils, or other bad stuff under your makeup.

Primer is Powerful

In the same vein of prepping your skin, primer helps prepare your skin for the next steps. There are different primers for different skin types; if you’re looking to enhance a glowy look, go for a gel-based primer. These magical little formulas do a lot more than that, though. According to makeup artist Joanna Schlip, they provide color correction, smooth wrinkles, and diminish fine lines. Primer can even be used on its own. Don’t skip out on it, and you’ll certainly notice a difference.

Go for a Lightweight Foundation

Heavier foundations have a tendency to get nice and comfy in your skin’s lines and wrinkles. This only draws attention to them. A lightweight foundation will provide smoother, more even coverage and provide sheen where it’s needed.

Avoid Powders

Powder-based formulas may have worked fabulously before. However, as our skin ages, oil production slows. If there’s no oil for powder to settle onto, it appears dull and ashy. Creams and gels are better suited for drier skin. (Besides, we all love an excuse to go out and splurge on some new makeup to try!)

Choose Calmer Colors

This tip applies to everything that involves creating pops of color on your face. We mean lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. Blues, dark reds, and hot pinks may not be as flattering as they once were. No need to fear, however; there are shimmery and glowy options to suit the shade of your dreams. Bronzes, nudes, browns, and rosy colors are an excellent choice for your lids. For blush, a subtle, soft pink is a lovely choice. On your lips, try a nude a few shades darker than your skin tone. Shades of pink are also youthful and flattering!

Finishing Touches Around Your Eyes

For your brows, it’s easy to go overboard filling them in. Avoid this by using a sharp brow pencil and filling in your brows gently. (Short swipes, as opposed to scribbles.) Avoid clumpy mascara at all costs, and try an eyelash curler for a full-lash look. Eyeliner can make a huge difference; don’t underline your eye, though. Draw a thin line along your top lashes, accentuating your eyes but avoiding a heavy, overly dark look. (For the talented makeup mistresses out there, a sharp little cat-eye look never hurts!)

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