Matrixyl 3000: What on Earth is That?

What a word indeed! As it happens, Matrixyl 3000 is not just one thing, but a combination of things. While it sure sounds like the name of a rocket ship or whizz-bang time machine, it’s actually a special union of a few special molecules. Strap in: it’s about to get scientific in here.

What it’s Made Of?

This special chemical is an amalgamation of peptides. (This is an important word too: more on those later!) Matrixyl 3000 is made up of these two peptides: palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and palmitoyl oligopeptide. We won’t ask you to try and pronounce those, we promise. What we will say is that this combination makes for a powerful anti-aging formula. It penetrates the skin well and promotes growth and regeneration.

Remember those peptides we mentioned? Peptides are essentially small proteins. By small, we mean they’re made of less amino acids than most proteins. Peptides are formed in many different ways, but the most prominent one here is collagen. You’ve heard of collagen: it’s that stuff that holds your skin’s shape, gives it elasticity, and maintains suppleness. (It does a whole lot more than that through the rest of the body, too. Today, though, we’re focusing on your skin!

So, an overview of our impromptu science lesson: Matrixyl 3000 is made of two peptides. Peptides are small proteins and, as well as many other things, they make up collagen. Collagen gives our skin all those good qualities we strive to have. In conclusion, with its specialized peptide combo, Matrixyl 3000 provides a whole lot of benefits by restoring collagen, including decreasing in wrinkles, healing of skin damage, and diminishing of age spots and blemishes. Perhaps that's why people like Dr. Oz get all excited when talking about pentapeptides like those in our Keelyn Grace Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Dr. Oz and his guest dermatologist Dr. Lori Brightman revealed:

Use peptides to enhance collagen to give your skin a fresh, plump appearance.

If you weren’t taking notes, that’s all right. You get an A just for reading this far.

Are There Side Effects?

Matrixyl 3000 is a fairly new substance. As such, negative (or any) side effects have yet to be seen. In clinical trials and reviews, however, it does very well, showing excellent increases of collagen production and overall desired effects.

  • 68% decrease in wrinkle density
  • 24% decrease in the volume of wrinkles
  • 50% decrease in the depth of wrinkles
  • up to 117% increase overall collagen synthesis
  • up to 327% increase collagen IV synthesis
  • up to 267% increase hyaluronic acid synthesis

Certainly not your average serum! We can’t tell you that it’s magic, but we can tell you that it sure seems that way!

If you’re looking to erase some wrinkles, restore skin health, banish some blemishes, and rejuvenate your skin, Matrixyl 3000 is the solution for you. While you’re at it, why not add some other beneficial ingredients for your skin? Vitamin C is another excellent restorer of collagen, as well as an antioxidant. Vitamin E promotes skin health and a glowing tone. You can find the perfect balance of these blissfully beautifying ingredients, with a dash of powerful Matrixyl 3000, right here.

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